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The Quirky Creative

Meet... me! Kyle Cruickshank a multitalented artist and designer who has a deep passion for creating motivational art. I went to university in Chicago Illinois where I studied photography and advertising. It is here where I built the foundation of my creative design skills in photography, videography, graphic design and website building. I also studied marketing, how to build a brand that speaks to the heart and methods to create stunning, impactful advertisements.

After college I spent time as a struggling artist working in the hospitality industry and built a valuable set of customer service and event planing skills. This lead me to launch my first company - Slay Events - an LGBTQ events company that has now hosted over 100 events in the midwest focusing on bringing all corners of the LGBTQ community together in places we do not normally have representation. From Drag Brunches to political fundraisers working to make progressive policy change within the queer community Slay did it all and changed the queer events scene forever in Detroit.

After Slay was able to run without me I was ready to explore more of what my heart truly wanted - creating art and travel. I sold all my material belongings and began to travel the world and work with businesses not just in the USA but also Central America, Europe and South East Asia. Quirky serves as a platform for me to bring all my creative skills to one place and to serve many types of clients with my creativity. I hope you enjoy my portfolio of work from the pictures I have taken, the events I have planned and executed to the videos, graphics and websites my hands have molded.

I love to take inspired ideas and help usher them out of our minds and into reality. So if you are looking for a creative steward with a long and successful track record, you have found your Quirky Creative.

The Quirky Court

There is one Quirky Creative but I also have a wonderful group of people who I lean on when projects need a team or require expertise greater than my own. Here are some of the amazing creatives and thinkers that help bring Quirky projects to life.

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Kyle C.

Founder | CCO



Alyssa A.

Branding Coach
Social Media

Eddie Q.

Project Manager

Graphic Design

Jaime F.



Bald Man

Cait P.



Jordan S.

AI Expert



Luis M.

Executive Assistant


Eric C.

Operations Oracle


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