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How are we qUiRkY?

Quirky's approach is different for many reasons, we build our ideas on a diverse background of experiences and with that we strike gold combining strengths to achieve satisfying results and place brands on the leading edge of their industry.

Every business is unique and it is a fun challenge to pull the individual personality out of the brands we work with. Once we have something juicy we showcase why your brand stands out amongst the crowd with industry leading artwork and targeting our campaigns to reach the riches in the niches. We work to ensure that your brand and designs are achieving your marketing goals.

Starting as a one-man-show in 2016 our founder and creative director, Kyle Cruickshank, uses his background in design, hospitality and sociology to connect clients to their audience on a deeper humanistic level. With refined skills in photography, graphic/web design, event planning, kindness and leadership his coaching steers the ships of many brands and provides positive coaching and support to all that work with him and for him.

The Quirky Court

It’s not just the quality of the work that sets us apart, it’s the heart of our people.

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 16.12.53.png

Kyle C.

Founder | CCO



Alyssa A.

Branding Coach
Social Media

Eddie Q.

Project Manager

Graphic Design

Jaime F.

Creative Director

Brand Coach

Bald Man

Cait P.


Ad Management


Jordan S.

AI Expert



Luis M.

Executive Assistant


Eric C.

Operations Oracle


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