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Marketing & finance for the Beauty Professional

Since the start of Quirky, we have been providing answers and creative programing for beauty businesses and stylists alike. Quirky sees a clear need for marketing/finance support in the Salon Suite world which is why we have launched our newest offering geared specifically towards those bold and adventurous professionals who have started their own business.


Goal setting and accountability. Brand coaching and marketing strategy.

Social Management

Never post or engage on your lunch again. Guidance for what, how, & when to post.

Graphic Design + Photo Editing

Each month we create custom graphics, infographics, and artwork for your brand.

Analytics & Insight

Monthly report on what's working right and areas where we can step it up.


Available Packages

When signing up for Quirky's exclusive Salon Suites program you can expect nothing short of excellence as we help you guide your brand and business through the ever changing minefield of marketing and finance. Quirky will work with you each month to develop a content calendar full of custom graphics and professionally edited photos sure to capture the attention of your existing audience while growing your business further than you ever expected. We will help you set and reach your business goals.

Quirky realizes Salon Suite owners need more than just marketing support. Thats why we have paired with BGB, a leading financial firm, giving the guidance you need for well thought out financial planning. Great marketing goes hand-in-hand with a strong financial program. Thats why Quirky wanted to develop a set of programs that are not only incredibly affordable but also, when paired together, provides the strongest type of support that is sure to grow your business, give you back your time and make running your business more fun.

Master Marketing

One Stop Shop Marketing

  • Marketing Workshop: goal setting

  • Monthly coaching + accountability

  • Monthly social media planning + strategy

  • Custom content / graphic design

  • Editing of up to ten service photos

  • Social media optimization

  • Caption copywriting 

  • Stories + Reels

  • Monthly analytics

3 month minimum

Money Moves

Powered by BGB

  • Wealth workshop: get organized

  • Master finance spreadsheet

  • Quickbooks subscription + setup/support 

  • Suite of pre-set financial documents

  • Monthly finance reporting

  • Annual review for taxes

  • 24/7 support

  • Product revenue tracking

  • Financial security and guidance

 3 month minimum 


Why Our Team?

Another reason to choose Quirky - the people.

Kyle, Alyssa and Kelly are spear heading this incredible program together! With Kyle's elite marketing knowledge, Alyssa's social media/esthetician background and their combined eye for style - a better team could not be made!

Now add a splash of Kelly and her wonderful team over at BGB and you have yourself three business owners looking to make a positive impact on your marketing, finance and overall career.

Join them and the rest of the Quirky family as we welcome you to the universe of marketing and finance done right. Allow these incredible minds to guide your marketing and money through a major elevation.


Alyssa Alvarez

Over the past 8 years, the self-proclaimed ‘Jill of all trades’, Alyssa has immersed herself in the worlds of holistic wellness, coaching, social media management, and bridal/salons, formerly through makeup artistry as a licensed esthetician. Her professional career is rooted in front of house and customer service, however, over time its foundations have evolved into visual branding and storytelling. Alyssa’s experience provides an inclusive marketing lense where your mission and message come to life and help you stand out in the industry, all while generating income through your soul-aligned craft.


Kelly Marcella

Kelly started BGB out of the pure desire to help business owners master their money. She understands that business owners with a handle and understanding of their money have more power to live life their way. Giving her clients financial freedom is her first goal always.

Unbeatable support paired with her kind heart, brilliant financial mind and drive for success sets her and BGB apart from the rest. She runs a tight ship sure to get you and your money where it needs to be.


Kyle Cruickshank

Kyle concepted this program from seeing a clear need in the Salon Suite space for support. Having started two successful companies from the ground up Kyle knows what it is like to wear many hats as a business owner. He uses the marketing and design hacks he has learned along the way to bring an easy approach to social media, advertising and all things creative.

Kyle's art education background, marketing savvy and on-the-ground knowledge of business ownership provide him the proper skill set to not just make it look good, but make it make sense - for your brand, for your budget and for you.

We are looking forward to working with you. Quirky is excited to be supporting other business owners in achieving their biggest dreams.

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